10 Things to Ask While Selecting A Web Designer

When it comes to choose a web designer for the website, you must shop around first to find out all the options available. There are varieties of web designing companies out there from which you have to choose. Here are some basic things you must know about your web designer.

Details of Web design Company

Find complete details of your company from their own website. It is a good indication showing level of details your website is going to have. See whether there website is filled of images and other added effects. They may be in the corner rounded, incline effects and color fading. Whether you need such designing elements on your website, they give information about its designer and details of quality.

Understand What You Require

No matter, you do not have any idea about technical aspect of web design; you must have a fair idea of what the end result should look like. When you leave the important parts of web design and functions with your web designer, you may need to pay more. The features to be added in your website, you can search online and select from large websites.

Detailed Quote

Just like you do not have idea about how things work or how long it takes, get a breakdown of service for which you need to pay off. Are they going to give your total price of web services which you have been discussing over phone? If like that then they will not give you information on all separately this can be used to compare with other web design companies. You can know their hourly rate which will help to find out from total cost that how much time they are going to take for designing your website.

Level of Support

You must know about the level of support will be available through and after making the website. It is important to know the changes you can able to make on the website while making it which will not cost you more. The web design company will give you an option to view the work-in-progress of website. What about if you want to have a change in the design aspect after website is designed? All these things are to be cleared in the contract before whole agreement of work is done.

Others opinion

You can know the opinion of other clients about your web designer. If you need honest and unbiased kind of information then it is better to ask them straight. Find the contact information of your web designers previous clients and send them a email asking for possible information to share with you.

Search engine friendly

Every website has to become the part of all search engines which is an inevitable step after making a standard web design. After having brand new website that is filled of information about your product and service offering, those all need to be found by potential customers. SEO or search engine optimization it is called usually. It is the duty of every web designer to keep updating all changing rules coming in the search engine companies which is important for search engine rankings.

  • You cannot expect that such service will be offered with the website designing, it can be done by professionals and take more hours than expected to make entire website and it continues. Therefore you have to talk with your company for the SEO that can suit your budget and it gives increased level of appearance online.
  • Most important part to know about SEO is it should be in support of strong research within your business niche specifically.


Know how the work is going to get billed both web design work as per contract and if any extra service.

Control over content

It is common to do some extra changes you want to get done on the website by the web designer. If you need it on regular basis, then ask for it your web designer who allows you to do update by your own.


How you and your designer will be keep communicating.

Ask the resume

Professional web designer will offer you their resume along with details of their previous work and background.

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